It’s Time for Steve Nash to Retire and Call It a Career

All good things must come to an end. 

Steve Nash has racked up one of the most impressive resumes of any point guard who ever laced up his sneakers. He's won multiple MVPs, emerged as one of the best passers in basketball history and entertained millions of fans. If he retired today, he'd be—without question—one of the 10 best floor generals in NBA history. 

In fact, he'd be sitting pretty at No. 7, with only two current players (Chris Paul and Tony Parker, who isn't yet a top-10 1-guard) owning a realistic chance of passing him in the near future:

Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson Isiah Thomas John Stockton Bob Cousy Walt Frazier Steve Nash Chris Paul Gary Payton Jason Kidd Here's the thing. Nash should retire today.  

Ever since he exited that fateful Nov. 10 game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Canadian point guard's 2013-14 season has been filled with plenty of trial and tribulations. There have been multiple setbacks, multiple delayed returns and a striking absence of basketball. 

Guaranteed to be out during the Los Angeles Lakers' extended road trip, Nash has a chance to return to action when the team comes back to the Staples Center in early February. He's already acknowledged that it's a crucial point for evaluation, and another setback could mean bad things for his chance to suit up again in 2014: 

Personally, I don't think Nash should bother waiting that long before he pulls the plug. And I say "personally" simply because this is an opinion based on legacy and Nash's future, not a medical opinion. 


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