Is This the Beginning of the End of Steve Nash’s Iconic NBA Career?

Perhaps Peter Vecsey was just trolling everyone—the Los Angeles Lakers included—when he tweeted out this panic-inducing nugget about Steve Nash the other night:

Now, Vecsey, a veteran of the New York sports media machine, didn't explicitly mention the "R" word. Nor did he share his hearsay about Nash surrendering to the pain in his back and leg at an hour at which the NBA-watching world would likely see it—just check the time stamp.

What's more, Vecsey has a reputation for spewing nonsense into the Twittersphere. Check out this gem about the New York Knicks from the day prior to his Nash "announcement":


(As if giving up Timofey Mozgov in the Carmelo Anthony trade were the root cause of the Knicks' current predicament, but I digress.)

Still, there's something undeniably "truthy" (if not downright believable) about Vecsey's Twitter bomb. The fact that sources, both named and anonymous, have since addressed it without dismissing it outright lends it a bit of credence, in some strange, reverse-psychological way.

Here's what one long-time Nash confidant—Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni—had to say about it (via Mark G. Medina of The Los Angeles Daily News and ESPN's Ramona Shelburne):

“He’s looking at, ‘What am I going to do when I’m 50?’ But no, he’s going to try and do everything he can to come back. Whether he can get over this, we’ll see. We think he can. We hope he can. But there’s no talk of him sitting over there eating bon bons the rest of the way.”

Kobe Bryant, who's been dealing with a career-threatening injury of his own, offered his two cents on the matter (via The LA Daily News):

Steve and I have been extremely close through this process. We’re just talking, and particularly the last few games, we&...

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