Is Steve Nash a Lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame?

It happens to every player. 

Their skills begin to erode, their body starts breaking down and before you know it they no longer resemble anything close to what they were in their prime. 

That time has come for Steve Nash. 

Now 39 years old and entering his 18th NBA season, Nash barely made it through his first season with the Lakers, averaging 12.7 points and 6.7 assists per game (his lowest assist average since the 1999-2000 season) while missing 32 games with a leg injury. 

While Nash can still shoot the lights out (50 percent from the field, 44 percent from distance, 92 percent from the line), his days as an All-Star are seemingly done. 

Which brings us to one very important question: Is Steve Nash a lock for the Hall of Fame? 

Clearly he will garner some support. After all, the man has two MVPs to his name and is either the best or second-best point guard of his generation (Jason Kidd being the other in consideration). But is he a stone-cold lock to one day be enshrined in Springfield alongside a slew of basketball legends? 

To answer that question let's break down Nash's career, step by step, and see where he stands. 


College Career (1992-96)

It's no secret that college careers impact a players shot at the Hall. After all, it's the "Basketball Hall of Fame," not the "Pro Basketball Hall of Fame." And in Nash's case, his impact on the college game will surely help his cause.

When Nash arrived at tiny Santa Clara University in the Fall of 1992, there probably weren't many people predicting he would one day warrant Hall of Fame consideration. Nash was passed over by every other Division I school in the country, only being offered a scholarship to Santa Clara after then-coach Dick Davey saw his high school tape and was blown away by Nash's creativity and poise.

Nash's career at...

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