Is Pendulum Swinging Back in Lakers’ Direction for Pau Gasol?

Just a couple weeks ago, Pau Gasol seemed to be heading straight out the Los Angeles Lakers’ door as a free agent. He had clashed repeatedly with coach Mike D’Antoni, he had been on the trading block way too many times and he was too old and expensive for a forward-thinking rebuild.

Things have changed a bit since then. D’Antoni—destroyer of traditional low-post beliefs—has moved on his merry way.

And so the pendulum swings back toward the Lakers, with Gasol recently saying in an interview with the Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca: “What is certain is that we are without a coach and I say 'we' because I'm still thinking of myself as a Lakers player.”

Gasol also acknowledged the wishes of another Lakers player—one Kobe Bryant: “I spoke with Kobe before the end of the season and he told me he wanted me to stay. We have a great mutual respect and a great friendship.”

Done deal, right?

Probably not. Pendulums don't stay in one position for long—they swing back and forth, back and forth.

Gasol has not been shy with his words lately. It’s as if a happy, thoughtful stream of consciousness has been set free—like a swarm of joyful butterflies.

No longer troubled by vertigo or a small-ball coach, Gasol is back in his native Spain, living la vida and looking forward to World Cup basketball this summer with the Spanish national team.

Writing in his personal blog,, the two-time NBA champion held forth on returning home:

There’s something special about meeting up with your family, with your friends, getting back into your old routines and talking to journalists that you knew from before, people you feel very close to and you can finally be together with.

I feel great. My vertigo problems are finally over. I’m not physically frustr...

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