Is Mike Brown Coaching Well Enough for L.A. Lakers to win an NBA Title?

Lakers fans must have been nervous prior to this season as Phil Jackson, who had won five championships manning the helm in Los Angeles, chose to retire rather than return for another season.  He was replaced with former Cleveland Cavaliers coach and defense-first practitioner Mike Brown.  Given the embarrassing nature in which the Lakers' season had just ended, fans were surely looking for a quick turnaround.

However, was Brown the right man to bring the Lakers back to championship glory?  Keep in mind, this is the man who had reigning MVP LeBron James leading his Cavaliers squads for five years, and yet he still couldn't win a title.  On top of that, the same summer that James chose to take his talents to South Beach, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert chose to fire Brown and replace him with Byron Scott.

Thus, at least on paper, Brown seemed like a questionable choice to take over coaching duties on a team that featured large egos like those of Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom.  Contrarily, he has done a fine job coaching the team and has done well enough for them to win another championship.

You see, Brown got an early Christmas present before the season even started.  Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, so that's one ego gone right there.  The only other question marks were Bryant and the maturity of center Andrew Bynum.

Bryant is a scorer, so him taking more shots than necessary is going to happen, but the emergence of Bynum this season was just astounding.  Long considered to be an injury-prone head case, the seven-footer did not get hurt once and emerged as one of the most dominant centers in the NBA in a career season under Brown's guidance.  With Bynum and Bryant finally gelling, the possibilities for the Lakers are endless.

Furthermore, let's not forget that Brown also has talented players like forward Pau Gasol and bench shooter Steve Blake on his roster.  Ev...

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