Is Metta World Peace’s Incredible Return from Injury a Medical Miracle?

Metta World Peace has long been thought of as a bit of a freak. We just haven't thought of him as a medical freak. With the potential for a comeback from knee surgery just 12 days after the procedure, questions are flying about how Peace did this and whether he should come back.

As I stated when Peace had his surgery, this kind of return was possible but not probable. At that, I was stating that a return in four weeks was the best-case scenario, so returning at not even missing two full weeks raises many medical questions.

Even Kobe Bryant has some questions—or maybe an answer:

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Kobe said he'd call MWP "Logan" for his Wolverine-like self healing. Said taking care of his body generally (nutrition/fitness) is key.

— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) April 8, 2013


Peace has stated that he's ready due to no delay in his rehabilitation because of a lack of swelling. This is a very unusual response to any sort of surgery. Even with modern portaling techniques that allow smaller and smaller tools to enter into the joint space, there is a natural response. Peace told Phil Collin that he was on his feet hours after the surgery, which actually isn't that unusual in a strong, athletic patient.

Peace will need be put through physical tests by his physical therapists and the Lakers medical staff. Before they let him back on the floor, he will need to pass these tests and convince the coaching staff that he can handle the play.

There is also a bit of an advantage in that there is about a week left in the schedule, meaning that any delayed response will happen in the offseason, when Peace and the rest of the Lakers can have plenty of time to heal up. At only a half game back of the No. 8 seed in the West, Peace's return could actually make it harder for him to heal up!

This isn't an unheard of timeline. Ba...

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