Is Metta World Peace Opting out of His Contract with LA Lakers?

Metta World Peace sent out a cryptic tweet late Wednesday night that could be pointing to many different scenarios, including the possibility that he could opt out of the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

UPDATE: By Ethan Norof on June 25, 2013, 12:15 p.m. ET

Metta World Peace's announcement has nothing to do with his contract or basketball career. He'll be doing a reality show with Terrell Owens, he announced on his website.

However, a report from USA Today's Sam Amick indicates that World Peace will remain with the Lakers. He would never be able to make $7.7 million on the open market.

--End of Update--

World Peace has a player option for $7.7 million this season, as outlined by Spotrac, and if he were to opt out, the Lakers would be able to save a few bucks on the luxury tax, that is if they were to re-sign Dwight Howard.

Otherwise, it would just mean the Lakers don't have to pay World Peace nearly $8 million for playing erratic basketball next season.

He seems to be hinting that his time in Los Angeles could be over, with the indication that he's got some news to tell his followers.

Much in the Metta way, there was nothing tweeted before or after that gave any context on what he might have to say.

However, there seem to be a few options, given World Peace's history and the situation surrounding him and the Lakers.


Is Metta Messing with Everybody?

If you're not following World Peace on Twitter, the first thing you've got to know is that you are severely missing out.

Beyond that, understand that not everything World Peace tweets is completely serious, and you've got to use your context clues to figure out what he's trying to say.

That's right, his Twitter account is like taking a middle school reading comprehension test.

The only thing he ever really...

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