Is Dwight Howard’s Philosophy on 2013 Free Agency Selfish or Savvy?

Dwight Howard's business savvy is often misperceived as selfishness.

Going back to his final days with the Orlando Magic, his indecisiveness was misconstrued as excessive narcissism when really, it was just that, personal equivocation at its best.

With the Los Angeles Lakers, Howard is no longer vacillating (at least publicly). He's taken the self-imposed ambiguity out of the equation. He's remained noncommittal because that's what he is. The big man is going to become an unrestricted free agent this summer

And this is incorrectly recognized (by some) as selfish too.

No one in their right mind can defend the hellacious roller coaster ride Howard forced us to endure only last season. He danced to the beat of so many different drums, it was infuriating. But that's also why the distaste for his present demeanor is so vexing.

All we wanted last year was for Howard to make a decision: Re-sign with the Magic or leave. Force a trade or stay. Become a free agent or don't. 

When he finally chose to waive his early termination option (ETO), a sense of relief spread over the masses. As we know all too well, that "relief" was short-lived. Howard immediately regretted his decision and the Dwightmare, the destructive fluctuation, continued. 

Until now.

Though it's true Howard doesn't know where he'll sign over the offseason, he does know what he wants. And speaking candidly with CBS Los Angeles' Kristine Leahy, he made it clear what he wants is to remain "all in" with Los Angeles now:

I'm all in. I'm here now and what I want to do is help this team win a championship. That's my goal for this season.

I'm not going to say 'I'm all out,' when I'm all in. I'm all in. I'm trying to win a championship, and I'm committed to helping this team win. That's why they brought me here.

The Lakers also "brought" Howard in to stay. They want him t...

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