Is An All-Star Game Without AI, Really an All-Star Game?

With the NBA All-Star game hours away, I could not be less excited. As a casual fan of the NBA, living in a town (St. Louis) without an NBA franchise, it is not easy to get amped up about the gala.

Today's NBA superstars, besides Kobe, I find very vanilla and quite boring. LeBron, Kevin Durant, Carmelo, D-Wade are not that interesting to me, the casual fan without a team anywhere near.

One superstar is conspicuously absent from the game, in fact from the league altogether.

Who? You might ask?


And I'm not talking about Andre Igoudala.

Allen Iverson, a true NBA superstar and an intriguing personality that the NBA currently lacks.

Iverson, from what I hear, is in the United States and on the mend from an injury he suffered playing in the Turkish league for an un-Answer like $2 million a season.

What is Iverson doing playing in the Turkish league?

I once read in ESPN the Magazine, in a column they call, "Player X" (which honestly has become the only interesting thing in the magazine as of late) that certain players are blackballed from the league and exiled to the foreign leagues to finish their career.

Are you telling me that Allen Iverson, at 35 is not better than the 12th man on the Cleveland Cavaliers? Don't you think that some team could sign this global icon to increase ticket sales?

I can see a player like Stephon Marbury, with his insane youtube videos or Rashad McCants getting put on rain delay and never being let back into the league.

But not AI.

Does anyone remember what Iverson did for this league post-Jordan. He, along with Kobe Bryant carried the league.  And if it was not for those two, a guy like me, the casual fan in St. Louis would have lost interest in the post-Jordan apocalypse.

Now I am bias, Iverson is my favorite all-time athlete.  Not only for what kind of basketball ...

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