If Not Kevin Love, Who Can Save the Los Angeles Lakers?

Sorry to break it to you, Los Angeles Lakers fans, but if Kevin Love's desire to ditch the Minnesota Timberwolves lands him on the trading block this summer, he's not going to be wearing purple and gold any time soon. At present, the Lakers don't have the assets to satisfy the T-Wolves' demands, nor would they have much hope of competing for anything meaningful right away with Love in tow.

That doesn't mean, though, that the Lakers are necessarily screwed for the foreseeable future. Between their pick (seventh overall) in the 2014 NBA draft and the free agents due to hit the open market this offseason and next, their front office should have ample opportunity to find at least one more star to complement Kobe Bryant now and lead the franchise into the future once he retires.


Feeling a Draft

That process will begin on June 26, when the Lakers will pluck what they hope will be a primo prospect out of a draft class that's long on them. It would require nothing short of a miracle for one of this year's top three talents (i.e., Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker) to fall into L.A.'s lap.

The same may be needed if the Lakers are to land Dante Exum, the teenage Australian sensation whose ties to the Lakers—he's been preparing for the draft in L.A. for the past few months, he and Kobe share an agent (Rob Pelinka) and he was spotted several times at Staples Center this season—are nothing if not obvious.

Beyond those four, though, the Lakers should have a shot at one of a handful of recent collegians who, while not surefire stars like the previous four mentioned, all come equipped with considerable upside nonetheless.

According to Lakers sideline reporter Mike Trudell, the team is set to evaluate a slew of high-profile potentials, including Indiana's Noah Vonleh, Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart and Arizona's Aaron Gordon.

There's al...

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