If It’s Broke, Fix It! 5 Ways to Fix the NBA

The NBA lost a reported $400 million last season, and projections for this year are not any better: League officials are estimating anywhere from a $350-400 million loss.

What is the problem? Does America no longer like watching basketball? Are fans no longer amazed at watching guys that are 6'9", 270 pounds have a 40-inch vertical leap?

The problem facing the NBA is that there are only a few teams in the league that can actually be considered "contenders" to win it all.

David Stern has gotten a lot of grief for the steps he has taken (or not taken) to move the NBA forward, so allow me to play commissioner for the day.

Some of these are serious reasons and others are for your reading enjoyment. You decide which is which, and please post your suggestions for the league as well!

Sit back and enjoy, because here are the top five ways to fix the NBA.

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