How to Fix the Lakers in a Hurry

For the Los Angeles Lakers, a quick fix ironically means a longer view. That view has to see beyond what Kobe Bryant means to Laker fans today. While it is assumed and logical for Pau Gasol and his $18 million salary to get traded, it is also assumed that Bryant's league-high salary will stay on the books.

Why? He's soon to turn 34, and will make $30 million in 2013-2014. Though it seems that L.A. can't compete without him, I'd argue that they can't compete with a salary of this nature. With a payroll of over $80 million (the salary cap is at roughly under $60 million), the Lakers need a two-pronged approach to clear space for Deron Williams' arrival. This means either trading Pau or Bynum, and amnestying or trading Kobe Bryant. 

Amnestying Kobe could mean the start of a nucleus that includes Bynum and Williams. The two would combine to make nearly what Kobe will earn in the coming two years. Why not get two younger, equivalent players for what the "face of your franchise" makes? Loyalty is important, but at a certain point, logic should prevail. 


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