How Steve Nash Used Marcin Gortat and What It Means for Dwight Howard

Marcin Gortat has seen a big-time turnaround the past two seasons, and a monumental reason for his success has been his partner in crime, Steve Nash.

Nash took Gortat from a good player with potential in Orlando to a starting-caliber center and one of the most improved players the past two years.

Even if you believe it was there all along with Gortat, you have to recognize that Nash helped bring it to surface.

Now just imagine what he can do with Dwight Howard.

Howard is set to join the Los Angeles Lakers this season, and while he is already widely considered the best big man in the game, it’s scary to think where he can elevate his game to with Nash on his side.

Gortat entered the Phoenix Suns organization as the Polish center who had most recently been Howard’s backup in Orlando.

The 6’11” center has a lot of talent. He’s mobile, can finish at the rim and is extremely effective as a pick-and-roll big man.

To say Nash is 100 percent responsible would be taking away credit from a very good NBA center. However, there’s one thing to remember.

Nash simply makes people better.                                                

The 38-year-old point guard has made a career out of finding his teammates—especially his big men.

When Gortat first arrived in Phoenix, he came from a system that played him less than 16 minutes per game and clearly kept him hidden behind Howard.

Throughout the years, Nash has made his big men look outstanding, and Gortat was no exception.

The pick-and-roll has to be considered Nash’s bread and butte...

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