How Steve Nash Can Still Play a Valuable Role for Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers fans never got to see the real Steve Nash donning the Purple and Gold, and at this point, they probably never will.

As the 40-year-old prepares for his 19th NBA season, the only near-certainty is that he's unlikely to produce at a rate befitting his $9.7 million salary—if he's able to produce at all. Battling both Father Time and a lingering back problem, he's played only 65 games over the past two seasons combined.

Yet, hope is not lost for the two-time MVP. He can still provide valuable assists to this franchise, just not the kind that LA had initially envisioned.

Even if his body isn't right, his mind is as sharp as ever. Considering his All-Star ascent leaned heavily on intelligence, as opposed to Olympic sprinter's speed or a jaw-dropping vertical, he has plenty to offer the rebuilding club on or off the court:

That's not to suggest that his days inside the lines are finished.

It's hard to rule anything out when it comes to Nash. He had one scholarship offer after high school. He now has eight all-star selections on his resume.

As Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding noted in March, Nash has never been one to lie down and accept fate:

When he was barely a teen, Nash decided on his own that it was time for him to play again. He got some contraband scissors to cut off the cast from his broken arm. He enlisted buddy Adam Miller to help pull the cast off, a scene that was akin to a wrestling title match: the two boys versus the cast.

They got it off. And Nash played in his night-league basketball game that night.

Granted, there is no cast to cut off this time around. And this isn't night-league basketball.

But if there is any possible path to playing time, he'll work hard to find it. With no crystal ball in hand, it's hard to say if it actually exists.

Realistically, his potential floor presence is not t...

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