How Los Angeles Lakers’ Future Changes with the No. 2 Pick in 2015 NBA Draft

For one glorious night, the bitter taste of the Los Angeles Lakers’ historically bad season was washed away with new hope for the future.

L.A. could have lost its protected top-five draft pick but instead watched as the ping pong balls bounced in its favor—the only team in the lottery to move up in the draft.

And for a magic moment, Laker Nation rejoiced. 

It’s the kind of good fortune that can have a ripple effect on an organization’s future—choosing a franchise centerpiece like Karl-Anthony Towns from Kentucky or Jahlil Okafor from Duke could be an all-important first step that allows the rest of the chips to fall into place.

On the night of June 25, Los Angeles will only have to wait for the top-picking Minnesota Timberwolves before learning which of the two elite big men will still be available.

The second overall selection will then influence what the Lakers do with their Nos. 27 and 34 picks, and the draft in general will help guide the team’s moves through the remainder of the offseason and free agency. Jordan Hill's $9 million team option, for instance, is now on life support.

L.A.’s forward-looking rebuild won’t be completed right away. But one fortuitous lottery drawing can certainly change the future.

After the sweepstakes event, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak spoke with TWC SportsNet, expressing relief that “we caught a break.” Asked about the potential impact of a top-two pick, the veteran executive was predictably circumspect.

“I do think the draft is at least six-deep,” Kupchak said. "Having said that, you’ll know nothing until years down the road.”

Lakers coach Byron Scott, who had to sweat out the lottery on-camera as the team’s representative for the TV broadcast, was slightly less measured with his prediction after the r...

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