How LA Lakers Fans Can Survive Rare Disaster Season

The Los Angeles Lakers aren't going to win a championship in 2013-14. They're not even going to be contenders. 

That means that the team's passionate fans are going to have to go a whole entire season without rooting for a title-contending squad. In other words, they're going to experience what it's like to root for one of the other 29 teams in the least for a year. 

They aren't stepping into the shoes of the downtrodden Charlotte Bobcats (though there are signs of hope brewing for Michael Jordan's franchise) or the Sacramento Kings. Just into the ones worn by a non-contender. 

This takes adjustment, so we're providing a handy-dandy guide for surviving the season. 

Print it out. Hang it on your wall, right in front of your desk if need be. Frame the pages and refer to them over and over. 

Do whatever needs to be done in order to survive. 


Note: As a fan of the Atlanta Hawks and Jacksonville Jaguars, I'm pretty sure I can be considered an authority on rooting for non-contenders. 

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