How Kobe Bryant Must Adjust His Game to Complement Steve Nash’s PG Skills

You might be worried about a 34-year-old veteran having to learn some new tricks under ordinary circumstances, but then again, not all veterans are equal.

There's certainly none like Kobe Bryant.

But there's a difference between Kobe getting by and Kobe being Kobe. The Los Angeles Lakers aren't especially interested in the former because they've grown so spoiled by the latter. They've grown accustomed to following the lead of a guy who's consistently gone above and beyond the expectations of a typical All-Star.

Now he'll be expected to go even further by adapting his game to the arrival of legendary point guard Steve Nash.

If there's anyone with the kind of gravitas that would spur Bryant to make adjustments, it's a two-time MVP who made it cool to pass again.

It goes without saying that there will be differences between the two, especially when it comes to the divergent approaches they take to leading their teammates.

But what of their chemistry on the floor? How will their playing styles mesh? An assist machine like Nash is all too happy to share the ball, but that doesn't mean he'll go for all that long without the ball in his hands.

Nash has made his living dribbling from spot to spot on the floor—creating angles, finding shooters, getting defenders out of position, orchestrating pick-and-rolls and making something out of nothing when all else fails.

Though he seemingly stands in perfect contrast to Bryant, they actually share quite a few things in common when it comes to dominating the ball; the only real difference is that Nash is looking to facilitate while Kobe is looking to score.

They can't both dominate the ball for the better part of a shot clock, though, and they'll be looking to strike that balance all while adjusting to a new offensive scheme (the Princeton offense). Of course, shared responsibility may be for the ...

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