How Dwight Howard to Lakers Impacts Other NBA Title Contenders

The wait is over, the move has been made and the NBA has changed forever. In one swift action that very few saw coming, the Orlando Magic sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for virtually nothing.

As a result, each and every title contender in the league turned their heads and watched as the Lakers shot past them as the favorites to win it all.

While the paper rosters will tell us what to speculate, they do not offer insight as to what will actually occur. They also do not tell us what we should be breaking down, as specific match-ups are ignored for the inevitable "best based off of talent" argument.

To put an end to such a senseless point to make, the Top 8 title contenders in the NBA have all been drawn up to comparison with Dwight Howard and the Lakers. In turn, we will see the effect that D-12 is set to have on each title contender's title hopes.

The question is, who can take down the mighty, mighty Los Angeles Lakers?

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