Hopeful He Had Found a Home in LA, Jeremy Lin Again Left Looking for Answers

LOS ANGELES — Jeremy Lin, backup point guard, threw the hoodie up and over his head and headed out of Staples Center late Sunday night undercover.

After saying before the season he was OK whether he started or didn't, Lin had just admitted to reporters he totally cares now that he's again not starting—even though he gave the impression he was OK about not starting while in Byron Scott's office Sunday morning.

It is a cycle of confusion that continues for Lin in a disappointing first Los Angeles Lakers season he hoped would bring the stability he has long sought.

Thing is, it's not just a starter-or-reserve jumble.

This is a full-blown identity crisis—and a completely understandable one.

Who is Jeremy Lin supposed to be?

He's the guy who gets a tribute video played in his honor when he returns to face his former team…except the record shows the Houston Rockets had to give draft picks to the Lakers to get them to take him off their hands.

He's the global icon who transcended the sports world with the New York Knicks after being hardly recruited out of high school, undrafted out of college and cut twice in the pros.

He plans this season to replace the 2012 splash of Linsanity with a sustainable level of excellence, but his lack of nuance in running the team offense and his defensive mistakes make it unclear whether he is, to be blunt, good enough to do what he intends.

He was actually asking a pastor to pray that he wouldn't get cut again just before he saw his life erupt into some of the most insane highs anyone has ever experienced, yet he wants more than anything to focus on humility.

Add it all up, and it's confusing who Lin is supposed to be, even before you have Kobe Bryant telling him he has to play with an "eff-it attitude" while Scott is nagging him to call more plays for his teammates and make more responsi...

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