Heavy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown; Quietly Kobe Bryant Still Rules

“When I first came into the league it was Jordan it was Drexler. Then I’ve seen the A.I. era. Then I’ve seen the Vince/McGrady era. Now the Lebron James/D-Wade era and I have been here the whole time…They try to put the nail in the coffin but I’m still breathing…They still don’t get it.”

Kobe Bryant on the Max and Marcellus show 710ESPN LA


His dominance is undeniable. His competitive desire is insatiable.

For over a decade, Kobe Bean Bryant has ruled the NBA hardwood, yet it has gone underappreciated.

Many have tried to ignore arguably the greatest guard to ever play the game, but it is impossible.

Kobe’s career numbers are nice, but not gaudy. Too many times, the world salutes consistent mediocrity. Too many times, people who have not accomplished the ultimate goal are treated as if they have.

What Bryant has done in his 14-year career cannot be measured by numbers, but rather by results.

In his term, the Lakers have made the playoffs 13 out of 14 years. They have won at least 65 percent of their games 10 out of those 13 years. To say he has been a model of consistency would be an understatement; rather, Bryant’s teams have been consistently great.

Winning has always been first on Bryant’s to do list.

He has never been bashful in displaying his desire to win and has never been concerned with other people’s feeling when voicing those desires. Whether it is telling Shaquille O’Neal to get his “fat butt in shape” or publicly telling the Lakers management they need to get better players around him after a playoff loss. Safe to say, Bryant and kind will never be teammates.

However, throughout his career he has put winning first. There was no question that in early in his career he deferred to Shaq for the betterment of the team...

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