Healthy Steve Nash Will Make D’Antoni’s Offense Perfect System for LA Lakers

Steve Nash is the difference between uncertainty and perfection for the Los Angeles Lakers.

When Hollywood's team brought in the veteran point guard, it had hoped that he would instill a sense of purpose in the offense. He was supposed to give it the creative direction it so sorely lacked while also emerging as the point man Kobe Bryant had never played alongside.

But then Mike Brown thought it pertinent to stifle Nash's strengths by asking him to play off the ball within the Princeton offense. Such tactics led to the Lakers losing their only two games in which Nash had played, on their way to dropping four of their first five overall.

In case you hadn't noticed, Brown was exiled and Mike D'Antoni, not Phil Jackson, was brought in to ensure the well-being of this excessively expensive endeavor.

In case you hadn't also noticed, though, Los Angeles is still struggling to stay above .500. They went on to win six of their next nine after Brown was shown the door, but something is still missing. Something is still preventing the Lakers from becoming the powerhouse they're supposed to be.

Or is it someone?

The one and only Nash hasn't seen the court in 12 games as of November 27th. He's incurred a number of setbacks and what was thought to be a day-to-day injury has now turned into an extensive stay on the injured list.

But his shin can't hold him back forever.

According to Mike Trudell of, there is still no timetable behind his impending return, but there is plenty of hope that it will come sooner, not later.

Mike D'Antoni said LAL are "getting more reassured that there's light at the end of the tunnel" for @stevenash, but no target date.

— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) November 27, 2012 Nash has resumed some basketball-related activities, and while that's but a tease now, soon enough, Nash will return to action, th...

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