Happy Birthday Tribute to Magic Johnson and His Greatest Moments

Some things never get old.

Magic Johnson has turned 54 and is almost two decades removed from his time in the NBA, but his highlights continue to live on.

Through all 13 years of his illustrious career, he showed us greatness. He won five championships, was selected to 12 All-Star games (played in 11), earned three finals MVPs and two league MVPs. From the moment he stepped foot on the court as a rookie in 1979, he made a difference.

Others have been compared to him, but really, there has yet to be another player like Magic. His innovative fast-break maneuvers, clutch shots and general passing acuity trumps that of almost everyone else ever.

Fortunately for us, most of Magic's accomplishments, big and small, were captured on video. Many of the things he did are available for our viewing pleasure and, more importantly, at the ready for us to relive.

Happy Birthday, Magic.

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