Grading Impact Mike D’Antoni Has Had on Each LA Lakers Player

Mike D'Antoni simply hasn't been able to get it done with the Los Angeles Lakers during his first season on the sidelines of the Staples Center, but he has managed to positively affect a few players on the roster. 

Ever since he took over against the Brooklyn Nets on Nov. 20, things have looked different for the players wearing purple and gold. Some guys have benefited tremendously from his offensive chops, while others haven't exactly thrived in the up-tempo system. 

Thirteen players have donned Lakers jerseys before and after D'Antoni arrived, so let's break down the level of impact he's had on each of them.

As a point of clarification, though, these are not grades for how well each Laker has performed. If that were the case, Kobe Bryant would be receiving an "A+." Instead, the grades represent how D'Antoni has impacted each player.

A "B" means that there hasn't been a positive or negative change. Anything better than a "B" means he's had a positive effect, while anything worse means the opposite.

Of the 13 players in question, four fall in the "A" range, seven received some sort of "B" and two Lakers earned failing grades. Let's see who's who. 

Note: All stats are current through Wednesday, Dec. 12 and are provided by, unless otherwise indicated.

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