Gilbert Arenas Wants a 10-Day Contract with Lakers to See Kobe’s Last Home Game

Gilbert Arenas has a modest proposition for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA player turned Shanghai Sharks baller is ready to make his way back to the Association to see retiring legend Kobe Bryant's final home game.

There's just one small problem. Arenas wants a courtside view, and the Staples Center is fresh out of seats.

Not be discouraged, however, the three-time NBA All-Star concocted quite a clever solution—becoming a part of the team (temporarily).

Warning: NSFW language used below.

Like any evil genius, Gilbert's explanation of his plan is a lengthy one. In it, he suggests a signing period of April 3 through April 13, the day of the ultimate curtain call. 

But don't expect him to take just any seat on the bench. In fact, he's quite particular (and, once again, has an aversion to brevity).

Perhaps his own words are best suited to describe the rest.


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