Flip the Switch, Los Angeles Lakers: It’s Time To Win an NBA Championship

Boy, Lakers. Nothing like taking it down to the wire. Game 82 had to be won after surrendering a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter, and then, Kobe had to bail you out with the three to take it to OT? 

Ach, they are killing me.

But, here we are, and the Lakers finally know who their first-round playoff opponent is—the New Orleans Hornets. Don't listen to all these people who say the Lakers will sweep. I, personally, am not getting out my broom.

My guess is the Hornets can win at least one since it's certain Chris Paul will put the team on his back at some point. They'll probably capitalize on a night when the Lakers A) turn it over; B) slack off on defense; C) miss their free throws; and D) turn it over.

For each man, going against the Lakers is a measuring stick of your manhood. Blocking a shot from Kobe or Pau is worth its weight in gold.

Still, I really do think the Hornets will take at least one game, at which point Mamba will come unglued and read the team the riot act. Hopefully, it won't come to that, because this is a veteran team that basically knows how to police themselves. 

So, what to think as the playoffs start?

Cross your fingers that LA can get back Andrew Bynum (sketchy knee), Matt Barnes (sketchy knee 2.0) and Steve Blake (Chicken pox?). Oof. All three are important. 

There's been a lot of talk about how the Lakers will fare if Bynum can't go but recall last year that Bynum gutted through on one bad knee. In the last 24 hours, his demeanor has suggested he's ready to play.

So I want to talk instead about two other men that I think have potential to be game-changing in this playoff run. Not to be a contrarian, but their contributions are often overlooked in the nonstop Lakers soap opera.

Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom. Let's start with Brown.

Shannon Brown: Stop trying to be Blake Griffin on these fast break dunks. I can think of at...

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