Fact vs. Fiction from LA Lakers’ NBA Playoffs Performance

While the Los Angeles Lakers entered the playoffs with a very inspirational story and an underdog status that wasn't expected from them, there is no doubt that the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood spotlight unveiled various perceptions and misconceptions about this team.

In fact, no other team in the league has accumulated as variable a host of misconceptions as this team. 

Ranging from beliefs that the roster was a contender on paper to the belief that the team wasn't built to withstand the rigors of an NBA season due to its age, the Lakers' first-round exit did wonders to alleviate the myths and illuminate the facts.

Though it was obvious that the Lakers may have been much more competitive in the first round of the playoffs with Kobe Bryant still in their ranks, it was unclear prior to the series whether or not the Lakers would have stood a chance at winning the series even if the Black Mamba was still in uniform.

These, and other unclear myths can be separated into fact and fiction following the San Antonio Spurs' sweep of the Lakers.

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