Everything Lakers Fans Need to Know About Nick ‘SwagyP’ Young

Profiling new Los Angeles Laker Nick Young requires knowledge about bad shots, gaudy shoe collections and the murky definition of "swag" in equal parts. And that's just the beginning.

Per Marc Stein of ESPN, Young has agreed to join up with his hometown team. Per the Associated Press via CBS Los Angeles, it's a one-year, league-minimum deal.

The return to Los Angeles (Young played with the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2011-12 season before heading to the Philadelphia 76ers last year) has to feel good for the USC product. The honeymoon is likely to wear off the first time Kobe Bryant levels a death stare at the trigger-happy swingman, but for now, everything's rosy for Young and the Lakers.

So while everyone in L.A. is digging on the signing of "SwagyP," let's give fans a chance to get better acquainted with the Lakers' newest addition.


He's Big on Degree of Difficulty

Young has a reputation as a perimeter shooter, which he has rightfully earned over the years by casting away from the outside with reckless abandon. But hidden behind the heavy dose of jumpers is a scary athlete that can seriously elevate when he gets a head of steam.

And when Young has enough of a runway to take off, it doesn't matter how big the opposing team's rim-protector is. In fact, it's almost as though Young saves up his biggest dunks for some of the league's most imposing big men.

Just ask Larry Sanders.

Or Ian Mahinmi.

It makes sense that Young opts to create posters under the most difficult circumstances, because his entire offensive game is pretty much based on low-percentage plays.

Speaking of which...


He Tends to Kill His Team's Offense

Young has some genuine athletic talent. Anyone still doubting that should probably refer to the section above.

The problem is that the 6'7...

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