Everything Lakers Fans Need to Know About New Signee Ed Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are in an odd transitional phase these days, one in which they must secure talent to keep Kobe Bryant sane while also making sure not to tie up cap space for a serious rebuild in a couple of years.

Which is what makes their phenomenal signing of Ed Davis—a young, talented forward with a track record that hints at tons of upside—so impressive.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported the deal and its terms first:

In a vacuum, Davis is a terrific get. He's a long, rangy big who possesses quickness that doesn't belong in a 6'11" frame. The lefty moves extremely well, and though he doesn't have a highly polished post arsenal, his touch and tough-to-time delivery makes him effective around the rim.

In his career, Davis has converted an excellent 69.6 percent of his shots from 0-3 feet, per Basketball-Reference.com. Last season, he made 64.8 percent of his attempts in the restricted area, per NBA.com. Neither of those numbers are elite, but they're both quite good.

For some context, Davis' restricted-area percentage last season ranked right above Tim Duncan and right below Kevin Love. He's outside the top 25 in that stat among qualified players, but not by much. That's great value on a dirt-cheap deal.

At 25, Davis is entering his fifth season. On the one hand, that kind of experience indicates there might not be much room for him to grow. It's a rare player who makes a substantial leap at this juncture.

But Davis' career progression is somewhat atypical. He was buried behind Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol with the Memphis Grizzlies last year, and he never really found a niche in his stint with the Toronto Raptors. Basically, there's a sense that Davis has some real talent hidden inside him, and that he just needs the right situation to let it out.

There's good reason to believe that's the case.

Davis was...

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