Ed Davis: Kobe Bryant Is ‘A Legend, and I Can’t Wait to Learn from Him’

A happy Kobe Bryant makes life better for all Los Angeles Lakers players. 

Fortunately for Ed Davis, he's already realizing this, even if he's only been a member of the storied organization for a matter of days. The power forward signed a two-year contract worth $2 million, and though there's a player option for the second season, it's emerged as one of the deals with the most value signed throughout the NBA this offseason. 

For Davis, it's not the money that's exciting so much as the opportunity to learn from Kobe, as he told BasketballInsiders.com's Alex Kennedy: 

Most definitely, he's a legend and I can't wait to learn from him, ... There are some things that coaches can't teach you—the mental side of it and the stuff he knows from the things he's been through. I'm really looking forward to learning from him. Hopefully he can help me out and teach me a lot of things.

If you're looking to get on the legend's good side, that's a nice first step. 

Davis and Kobe might not play the same position, but that doesn't mean the former can't become the mentee to the latter's mentor. 

After all, the future Hall of Famer has one of the strongest mental games of all time, displaying an insane work ethic each and every night while refusing to give anything less than his best. He's a winner through and through. Cliche as that might sound, few have risen to the competitive level reached by the Mamba. 

Hell, he's even advised Richard Branson on how to advance past success at success: 

Davis hasn't yet reached the first level of success, much less success at success. 

The 25-year-old has played for both the Toronto Raptors and Memphis Grizzlies during his young NBA career, and he hasn't been able to excel at either juncture. Though his per-minute numbers are undeniably impressive (11.9 points, 10.2 ...

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