Dwight Howard’s Lakers Future Won’t Depend on Kobe Bryant’s Past

When you've spent more than a decade in the NBA, there is a high probability that you've rubbed a few people the wrong way. Everyone from Michael Jordan to Jim Jackson could attest to that, no matter how well-perceived they may be through the media.

It is that truth which breeds another. Dwight Howard's Los Angeles Lakers future won't depend on Kobe Bryant's past.

Bryant has always been controversial. From his well-documented feuds with Shaquille O'Neal and Smush Parker to his infamous court case, Kobe has never been able to escape the spotlight.

For better or worse.

The latest episode in the Kobe saga has seen ex-teammate and injured center Andrew Bynum reflect on his days with the Lakers. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, Bynum had choice words for Bryant.

Comments that suggest Howard may face the same unfortunate fate.

"I thought it really helped me a lot obviously at first, because he draws so much attention it's hard for guys to double team and key on you, so it helped me tremendously," Bynum told a group of L.A. reporters before the Lakers played the Sixers on Sunday. "Later, I felt I was able to get the ball more and do more things with the ball, so I could definitely see how it could stunt growth."

As for those who believe that this will be the start of a rivalry between Bynum and Bryant, don't jump the gun. Kobe acknowledged every word of this to be true.

He did so without any sense of anger or betrayal.

"For sure, because when you're playing with me you obviously have to sacrifice something," Bryant said. "Same thing with me and [Shaquille O'Neal]. You kind of off-set each other to a certain extent. So, I mean, that's true. When he gets back and he's healthy, he'll come out here and he'll be the focal point of their attack and he'll be getting the ball more and you'll see big games from him more consistently.

So what does this mean f...

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