Dwight Howard Will Never Be as Strong a Leader as Kobe Bryant

For all the talent Dwight Howard has, he is a terrible leader and far from the leader Kobe Bryant is.

The Los Angeles Lakers traded for Dwight to be the next star in L.A. once Kobe decides to retire in the next couple of years.

However, Howard is talented enough to lead but he lacks the mental capacity to do what Kobe has done over the years.

Kobe has been through all the ups and downs, from winning five championships to requesting a trade. He has done it all and done so with a relentless will to win.

Going through those highs and lows shaped Kobe into quite possibly the greatest Laker ever.

If this season is any indication for Dwight, there will be many lows in the near future as he attempts to become the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is a terrible sign for someone known to cause trouble when things go bad.

He forced his way out of Orlando with the ridiculous "Dwight-mare" saga and that alone proved how bad a leader he was.

He frequently flip-flopped from loving Orlando and then wanting out, all the while holding an entire franchise hostage.

It would make sense if the whole Orlando situation shaped Dwight into a better, more effective leader but it seems like he hasn't learned much since then.

In Los Angeles, Kobe has been extremely vocal about the team's struggles and that's something to expect from a leader.

On the other hand, Dwight hasn't said much this season and instead has made videos such as this and this.

Not exactly what one would expect from a leader and really makes me question his ability to lead.

The big takeaway from watching Dwight play and interact with his teammates is he's not the type of guy to demand respect.

Sure he's talented and can be a force at times but everyone kno...

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