Dwight Howard vs Andrew Bynum: Is There Really Any Comparison?

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard averaged 22.9 points, 14.2 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and shot 60 percent from the field during the 2010-11 season, on the way to earning another Defensive Player of the Year award.

Those numbers suggest Howard just might be the league's most dominant player at his position even if he isn't a true low-post center.

One of the only knocks on Howard has been the perception that he can't play with his back to the basket, and he doesn't possess the fundamental skills of a true NBA center.

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum has often been compared to Howard. Some people say Bynum's interior game is closer to that of a true center, and he is more fundamentally sound in the paint.

There is some truth to this theory since Bynum's 7-foot, 285-pound frame makes him a low-post presence by default, and his game is crafted along the lines of a traditional NBA center.

Bynum is comfortable in the paint on either side of the rim, and he can score in the post from either hand.

Defensively Bynum understands his role in protecting the rim, and has decent enough footwork and quickness to cover ground and help when a teammate has been beaten off the dribble.

Bynum was arguably the Lakers' best player in the second half of last season and the playoffs, as he finally was able to play with the type of passion and aggression that Lakers fans have dreamed of.

However, Howard has been playing like that for the majority of his career, and the sheer magnitude of his accomplishments last season destroy any comparisons with Bynum.

Howard made the Magic a postseason contender almost by himself, and while his game may not be as polished as Bynum's, it's still pretty formidable.

Howard may not be the technical player that Bynum is, but he is the most physically overwhelming force in the NBA today. Imagine how good Howard could be when he ...

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