Dwight Howard Vows Responsibility, Thanks Lakers Fans on Twitter

Dwight Howard is sorry.

After being ejected in the third quarter of Game 4 between the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs and watching as his Tinseltown went down in succession without a fight, Howard took to Twitter to apologize.

Throughout his Twitter string, Howard expressed regret for his absence, acknowledged he needed to be more responsible, compared himself to Charlie Sheen and talked yoga.

What else can the Lakers faithful say to that besides, "Um, thanks?"

This apology doesn't do anything. Had he truly wanted to be the person he references, he would have let his play do the talking in Game 4. Instead, he ran his mouth incessantly and got tossed.

Los Angeles was never going to come back from that 3-0 deficit, even if Howard had remained in the game. No NBA team has ever done it, and a decimated Lakers team wasn't about to accomplish the feat.

But that doesn't make this alright. What Howard did was childish, selfish and embarrassing. In a playoff game—no, in an elimination game—he was sent to the locker room early. What kind of leader takes himself out of that important of a contest? Kobe Bryant would have never let it get that far.

It doesn't matter if Howard was getting hammered down low. Complaining does nothing in the Association. After nearly a decade of whining, Howard himself knows that. He took himself out of a game when the Lakers needed him, which is simply unacceptable.

Then he apologizes and says that it is his "hope" he will get the chance to make it up to the fanbase and organization.

Last time I checked, it was Howard who had control of his future. He doesn't need to "hope"; he can just do. Los Angeles cannot ask him to verbally commit to the team for the rest of his life now. It's his right as a free agent to explore his options. But enough of this "hope."

Howard hasn't made any decisions ...

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