Dwight Howard to the Lakers? Why Some NBA Trade Rumors Just Don’t Make Sense

It seems like our favorite thing to do during an NBA offseason is to make up fake trades.  Heck, ESPN has developed a trade machine to help us imagine the possibilities.  We like making up fake trades in any offseason, but the rumors and speculation take on a life of their own with a lockout in progress.

Simply put, we don't have anything to talk about right now!

So let the fake trades begin.  My favorite fake trade of the offseason is "Dwight Howard to the Lakers."  When I hear this one, I just have to laugh out loud.  Seriously?  Are the Lakers trading Kobe?  Because if they aren't putting Kobe on the trade block, this trade is not going to happen.

Lakers fans throw out the possible Bynum for Howard trade all the time.  Is that a joke?  No offense to Andrew Bynum, who is a fine young player, but it doesn't make any sense. 

Bynum averages 11.3 points, 9.4 rebounds and two blocks per game.  He is only 23 years old, so keep in mind his best basketball is still ahead of him.  He makes a ton of money ($14.9 million), and his contract runs for another year.  Those numbers are pretty good, until you take a look at Dwight Howard's stat line.

Howard puts up 22.9 points per game to go along with 14.1 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and 1.4 steals.  For good measure, Howard also shoots 59.3 percent from the field and dishes out 1.4 assists per game. 

Howard is only 25 years old, and he is putting up superior numbers while facing constant double teams.  Hey, Bynum plays with that Kobe fella, so his life is a little easier.  What if Howard played one-on-one all night?  It would be scary what he might do.

So I'll ask you this question.  If you are a Lakers fan, and the roles were reversed, would you trade Howard for Bynum?  I didn't think so.

So Lakers fans will say things like "throw in Luke Walton...

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