Dwight Howard-to-Brooklyn Nets Rumors Remain as Ridiculous as Ever

Apparently, Dwight Howard's quest to work his way to the Brooklyn Nets is not yet over, if recent rumors are to be believed. The only problem is that the rumors make absolutely no sense.

There's no reason to believe that anything running around right now is actually any kind of fact, especially when you look at exactly what's going on surrounding the Nets and the rumors connecting Howard to them.

To get this straight out of the chute, the rumor comes from a conversation between Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on Feb. 14 in which Smith talked about a "reliable source" that gave him a bit of info about Dwight:

I had a reliable source tell me this, Dwight Howard will categorically deny it, but I trust my source, when they were playing Toronto recently, he sat there on the court and told Rudy Gay, "You messed up bad man. You should have waited and ended up with me in Brooklyn next year."

That's totally believable, if only the actual facts surrounding the rumor had any kind of ground to stand on.

Smith says that Howard talked to Gay while they were playing in Toronto recently. The only problem is that the last time the Los Angeles Lakers played in Toronto was on January 20. You know, nearly two weeks before Gay was ever a member of the Raptors.

So, unless the two were playing in a rec-league game against the guys from The Basketball Jones, something tells me that Stephen A. Smith is talking out of the wrong hole again.

Just for a second, however, let's pretend that there is some truth to this rumor and Howard wants to make his way onto the Brooklyn Nets after the end of the season.

Let's take a look at the financial situation in Brooklyn.

The Nets are already on the hook for $89 million next season, while Dwight Howard's maximum salary for 2013-14 is going to be right around $20 million.

Los Angeles could potentially turn around and trade Howard...

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