Dwight Howard Pays Mamba a House Call, Meets Kobe’s Dog Gucci

With Kobe Bryant undergoing surgery recently to repair his torn left Achilles, Dwight Howard decided to drop by and pay the old man a little visit.

Howard, along with Jodie Meeks, went to Newport Beach to see how Bryant was doing, keep him some company and play with his dog.

The big man has got a bit of experience dealing with an injury that leaves you stuck at home all day. Howard had surgery on his back last April, and it left him out of commission for an extended period of time. As reported by Dave McMenamin (via sulia.com), Howard discussed the intent of the visit:

We went up there and sat with him for a couple hours and just talked. My main thing is just being there for him. Sometimes when you're sitting in your house all day, it gets lonely. So, we went up there to see him.

I think it was good for him. Just having teammates who come check up on you, it means a lot and it shows to him that we care and it's not all about things that have happened or things that have been said. But, we want to be there for him. This is a tough time. When you're down, you're out, you want to have people who are going to stick close to you. We want to be close.


The only question I've got is whether or not Howard told Kobe that he and Meeks were going to drop by beforehand, or if they used the dreaded pop-in of Seinfeld fame.

Something tells me that Kobe's not a big pop-in guy, while Howard is the Laker equivalent of Kramer when it comes to pop-ins.

For whatever reason, Howard felt the need to clarify that the dog he was holding in the picture isn't his dog, but Kobe's.

Let's go ahead and not overreact to this visit, shall we. Dwight coming to Kobe's house does not indicate that Kobe and Dwight are best buddies, nor does it tell us that Howard is going to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It isn't a clue that Phil Jackson is coming back (he's obviou...

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