Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum: Which Center Means More To Their Team’s Title Hopes

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is a leading candidate for the NBA's MVP award as well as the Defensive Player of the Year award and is, without a doubt, the league's top player at his position.

So, how is it possible that Los Angeles Lakers' center Andrew Bynum could be more important to his team's title chances than Howard is for the Magic?

I know most people will think I am insane for even posing this question, but to be honest, how good are the Magic's chances of winning an NBA title in 2011, even with a dominant Howard?

This is no insult to Howard, but the best statement I have ever heard used to describe him is this: Howard is the only player in the NBA who can score 40 points and grab 15 rebounds in a game, and his team still loses.

Bynum is not likely to score 40 points and snag 15 rebounds for the Lakers, but taking a wild guess, I would say the Lakers are undefeated when Bynum has.

And Howard has proven capable of sustaining that type of a performance for the duration of a series, but even with his dominant post performances, few people outside of Orlando are picking the Magic to return to the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

Of course, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of his teammates, but it doesn't change the fact that it probably doesn't matter how well Howard plays. There is little chance that the Magic will survive a postseason gauntlet that includes Atlanta, and then possibly Chicago and Boston or Miami.

Their jump-shooting style of play looks good when it works, but once the shots stop falling, the Magic are suddenly reduced to a one-man attraction starring Howard.

That style can compete with, but not overcome, the multi-dimensional contenders in the East and West.

The Lakers on the other hand have proved they can reach the NBA Finals without Bynum as they did in 2008, but they have yet to prove they can win a...

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