Dwight Howard and the 5 Most Publicly Vilified Lakers of All-Time

The Los Angeles Lakers have a long-standing tradition of being one of the best franchises in professional sports.  They continually find a way to acquire superstar players and have parlayed their talents into multiple championships.

However, winning comes with a cost and in the Lakers’ case; hatred.  There are two types of fans, Lakers fans and fans that hate the Lakers. 

Look no further than any rivals the Lakers have had over the history of the franchise — the Celtics, Kings, Pistons, Suns and on and on.

Coinciding with the hatred of a franchise is the hatred of that team’s players.  The Lakers have set themselves apart from the pack with a slew of publicly vilified players and for good reason. Court cases, in-game brawls and attitude are all reasons for the upcoming players on this list

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