Does Andrew Bynum’s Injury Make Signing Dwight Howard a Priority?

There is a chance that an MRI scheduled for today will reveal no further damage to Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum's surgically repaired right knee, but the handwriting on the wall should be obviously clear to owner Jerry Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Bynum's latest injury occurred during the second quarter of the Lakers win over the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, and it couldn't have possibly come at a worst time for the two-time defending champions.

If Bynum is unable to play, the Lakers' hopes for a three-peat will suffer immediate damage, but what effect could Bynum's most recent injury have on the Lakers in the future?

Some people consider Bynum to be nearly untouchable when it comes to the chances of Kupchak dealing him, but Bynum's inability to stay healthy might give the term new meaning.

Bynum has shown the potential to be a dominant NBA center, but each time he seems ready to take the next leap in his development a new knee injury occurs.

It may finally be time for Kupchak to let go of his dream of Bynum carrying the Lakers into the future, and shift his focus to making a healthy effort to acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard as soon as possible.

Howard will not be a free agent until 2012, but it could be in the Lakers best interests to start their courtship as soon as their 2011 playoff run has ended.

There has been plenty of speculation that Howard was on the Lakers radar anyway, but Bynum's newest injury and the realization that his health can never be taken for granted should increase the sense of urgency.

Even if Bynum's knee is only hyper-extended, the threat of major injury hovers over him like a black cloud, and as demonstrated on Tuesday, Bynum is always one misstep away from a major storm.

The time may have come for the Lakers to cut their ties with Bynum and the perpetual soap opera of uncertainty...

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