Complete L.A. Lakers Power Rankings After Season’s 1st Month

November came to a close for the Los Angeles Lakers with the retirement poem of Kobe Bryant via the Players' Tribune and a flurry of fourth-quarter points that failed to close yet another gap.

Power may not be the first word that comes to mind for the current incarnation of Purple and Gold as they trail the pack in the Western Conference at 2-14. But there is still a hierarchy within the team itself, and it’s one that’s very fluid. Younger players are rising while older ones either fade or cling with fierce resistance to vestiges from the past.

One thing is certain—this current roster is not nearly as competitive as many would have hoped. And the only way back to prominence is through the ongoing rebuilding process.

An argument could also be made that real progress—the kind that results in deep playoff runs—won’t be possible as long as Byron Scott is sitting in the coach’s chair.

Nonetheless, players are measured by their own contributions on the floor and within a team setting. These early rankings may very well change as months go on. Hopefully the Lakers’ collective performance will also improve.


Unless otherwise noted, all stats are courtesy of and and are current as of start of games on Nov. 30.

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