Comparing Miami Heat’s Winning Streak to 1971-72 Lakers’ Historic Run

Now that the Miami Heat have reached 27 games on their ridiculous winning streak, the prospect of them breaking the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ 33-game streak seems more plausible than ever.

The Heat have not lost since Feb. 1 and do not appear to be losing any steam. Their last three games have been jokes as they pounded Detroit, Charlotte and Orlando into submission. LeBron James is playing like every game might be his last.

They are chasing the Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain-led Lakers team that finished the ’71-72 season with a 69-13 record (also an NBA-best at the time) and the franchise’s first NBA championship since its relocation. Oh, and they had that 33-game win streak in the middle of all that other record breaking.

That Lakers streak is still an NBA record and one of the greatest runs in the history of American professional sports. Can the Heat dethrone them? Better question: How comparable are the two streaks?

Jim McMillian, a forward on the ’71-72 Lakers, gave the Heat an incredibly backhanded compliment that suggested he does not think the current crop of NBA talent has what it takes to break their record

“It might not get broken, but I didn’t think anyone would get this close to it with today’s athletes,” ‘he told Yahoo! Sports. “Today’s athlete is not as focused as when we played. They get so much money and notoriety.”

Them’s fightin' words. It is time to put these two streaks side by side and see how the Heat stack up to the Lakers.

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