Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Lakers and Hornets Working to Complete Blockbuster Deal

Yesterday David Stern and the NBA nixed a trade sending New Orleans Hornets superstar Chris Paul to the Los Angles Lakers. The Lakers aren't giving up though according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. According to his tweet, 

New Orleans, Houston and Lakers are re-engaged in talks to find a new way to complete Chris Paul blockbuster trade, league sources tell Y!

It's possible there doesn't need to be an extreme modification of this trade to get it through. There has been a near universal condemnation from the media in reaction to the use of the veto by David Stern yesterday. 

It is entirely possible that by merely including a second-round draft pick or something, anything, extra the NBA would determine the trade to now be "acceptable." 

Regardless of what happens there will be a bitter pill for someone to swallow. On the other side of the equation is the fact that while the trade is perfectly fine this does have the worst possible timing. 

That this trade literally happened on the day as the new CBA, which was supposedly going to solve the issues of competitive balance and small market teams keeping their superstars, was not a promising start. 

There is nothing to be done though. No matter how he might like to, Gilbert can't simply legislate that stars can't want to go to to the Lakers. 

Bottom line, this trade looks like it's going to get done. 

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