Chris Paul Lakers: Renegotiation Gives NBA Chance to Right Stern’s Wrong

The trade that will not die is gaining more traction. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported on Thursday that Chris Paul was going to be traded to the Lakers. 

The NBA then stepped in to veto the move. It's an egregious abuse of power and obvious conflict of interest, vetoing a trade involving the best player on a team that they own.

But the three teams involved in the vetoed move—the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Hornets and Houston Rockets—are back at the table. At least that's what Wojnarowski is reporting via Twitter.

One can only speculate what this is going to be. 

But whatever ends up happening, Stern and the rest of the league's owners need to let it pass. The NBA owns the Hornets, but they simply can't go above Dell Demps' head again and veto the trade. 

Demps' job is to make the Hornets the best possible team they can be. That's the job of any general manager. The trade that was actually vetoed wasn't that bad of a trade and didn't break any rules; that's what makes the veto so frustrating. 

In reality, this is not a move that needs to be made. The teams involved in the vetoed trade really need to stand up and fight their move being made. 

But since they're going back to the table, the NBA, more specifically Stern, is being given another chance to get this one right. 

He can't screw it up. He's already done that once. 

If three separate parties all agree to a trade, there's no excuse to not let it happen. 

Big market teams will always have an advantage in the NBA. There's nothing new about that. The best way for small-market teams to counter the advantage of a big market is to build a deep team or draft impeccably. 

The Thunder drafted impeccably. The Hornets need to build depth. The trade that was vetoed gave them that depth. ...

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