Chris Kaman’s Been Up to Hilarious Antics Since Joining L.A. Lakers

Fans and analysts alike have yet to reach a consensus on what the on-court effects will be of the Los Angeles Lakers' active offseason.

While former Lakers Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace are both immensely talented, the pair also contributed to L.A.'s disastrous 2012-13 campaign. Howard never looked like he had both feet comfortably planted in his Hollywood home, while World Peace has never seemed fully at peace with this world.

What fans and analysts can agree on, however, is the fact that one of the league's most storied franchises appears to be on the cusp of becoming painfully boring. 


But never you worry, Lakers nation. Newcomer Chris Kaman is ready to provide all of the entertainment you could ever need.

L.A's newest man in the middle tried his best to make an extravagant entrance, horseback and all:

EXCITED to be a Laker! #Bigthingsahead

— Chris Kaman (@ChrisKaman) July 17, 2013 More outdoorsman than knight in shining armor, his grand entry didn't go quite as planned:

Ummm ya I noticed that after I saw the pic. #Horsespeealso @jrambrosio: @ChrisKaman Is your horse taking a piss?

— Chris Kaman (@ChrisKaman) July 17, 2013 Well-intentioned but poorly executed, Kaman probably still deserves at least a "Good job, good effort," here for the attempt. After all, it's the thought that really counts.

And Kaman's unique reasoning might be worth its weight in (purple and) gold:

Because it's the highest single digit. RT @Its_LA4life: @ChrisKaman Why did you pick #9?

— Chris Kaman (@ChrisKaman) July 17, 2013 For Lakers fans still studying up on their new center, he's no longer the bearded behemoth from his game film. He'll probably never enjoy the life of an L.A. insider, but he has made one drastic attempt to clean up his appearance:

So I ended u...

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