Chris Bosh Disapproves of Kobe’s Post-Game Shooting: Kobe Doesn’t Care

You're starting to sound like a hater Chris.

After being demolished by the Oklahoma City Thunder at home, Chris Bosh had some words for the media. He stated that only real men cry, (making him a man I guess?) and that they should've kicked Kobe out of the arena.

"I have no problem with guys wanting to get better, but if you think that any of us were going to be able to shoot on the Staples Center court for 90 minutes, you would be totally mistaken. I don't think they should have allowed (Kobe) to do that...We should've shut the lights off."

Really Chris? First off, I think it's safe to say that Kobe doesn't give a crap. He didn't care when you and LeBron joined Wade in Miami, and he didn't care when you cried, so why would he care about a little hate? You really wanted the lights shut just so the greatest player in the league could stop shooting?

Kobe Bryant has earned his right to practice whenever he wants, wherever he wants. And you are right Chris, you wouldn't be allowed to shoot at the Staples Center 90 minutes after. You're not worth the attention. If you did shoot around in the Staples Center, I doubt that anyone would stand around and admire you.

This is Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant can do whatever Kobe Bryant pleases. He has the power to justify anything on the court, because he's Kobe Bryant. Tireless work ethic and the endless will to win separates Kobe from other players. This is why Kobe has five championship rings, 198 playoff battles and the worldwide prestige.

However, I am glad that you care Chris. I'm actually glad you're offended by Bryant telling the whole world that he's getting better and better while the Heat laugh and sleep. I respect that from you, and that you put a lot of emotion in your game, but please. Please just stop with the ridiculous comments, man. Maybe one day Chris, if LeBron and Dwyane ever win you a championship, they'll let you shoot at t...

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