Carmelo Anthony To LA Lakers: 10 Reasons the Blockbuster Deal Will Never Happen

It seems like every day, we hear about a new set of trade rumors involving Carmelo Anthony.

There was first the three-to-four team mega-trade that eventually fell through because either the Nets were leaking information or Anthony wasn't willing to sign the extension or the Nuggets kept changing their mind every day; at least that's what we've heard about why the deal didn't go down.

Then there's the rumored deal between the Nuggets, Knicks and Timberwolves that seems to make absolutely no sense for anyone other than the Knicks.

But now, there's this rumored new deal that the Nuggets and Lakers are apparently talking about Anthony. Supposedly, a rumored deal broke today that would send Anthony to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum. ESPN first reported the rumor, and it's been taking off ever since.

It's an interesting thought, but here's 10 reasons why it won't happen.

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