Carmelo Anthony Lakers: Why the Teams Shouldn’t Go Through With It

Despite the fact that nothing is confirmed yet, I somehow hope Carmelo Anthony gets to read my article. None of us as writers can mentally understand how bad Carmelo Anthony wants to leave Denver and how much he wants to start fresh with a new team.

But heading to the west coast to become apart of the Lake Show isn't the best idea for him. Here are a couple of ideas that are bouncing off my head right now about Carmelo possibly being traded to the Lakers:


Time Frame

Lets take a look at something, 10 of the Lakers 14 players are the age 30 or over. Don't forget about head coach Phil Jackson, who is soon to retire. Carmelo is only 26-years old, and if we put the pieces together, it's looking like the Lakers are going to have to rebuild their team pretty soon. I'm assuming Carmelo wouldn't want to be caught in that.



Heading to New York would be Anthony's best option. Playing with a dominating big man like A'mare Stoudemire, along with Raymond Felton and other young players such as Landry Fields and possibly Wilson Chandler (if he's not traded), will give the Knicks an outstanding chance at going to the Finals. You can also factor in that Chris Paul may sign with the Knicks next season, so Carmelo going to the Knicks will also influence others.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, we all should know that Carmelo would love to play for his Knicks while returning to his birth state. After the tough loss of his sister, a good thing for him may be to stay closer to his family during this tough time.



Going to the Lakers would give Carmelo a shot at a title for only the short term and not for the long term. Going against tough teams like the Heat, Thunder, Spurs, etc., he's going to need help for the last years of him being in his prime before 30. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers