Carmelo Anthony Lakers Trade Rumors: A Recipe for Disaster

Like many, I have become increasingly skeptical of anything ESPN “reports." 

Which is why when “sources” apparently told ESPN's Chris Broussard that the Lakers and Nuggets were having preliminary discussions about a Carmelo Anthony trade, I couldn't help but smirk. Could it be true? Sure. 

ESPN hit another all-time low when analyst Jon Barry began claiming that he was fairly certain Anthony would sign with the Nets after Mr. Prokhorov had just announced that his team would cease pursuit of the superstar.

Barry argued (with admittedly no historical evidence) that the Anthony deal would soon go through because he “had a strong feeling” it would. Huh? 

Still, Broussard's stipulations are, at the very least, worthy of discussion. 

The Lakers' would supposedly be offering up Andrew Bynum, while taking on some of the Nuggets' bad contract. Lamar Odom would return to the starting power forward position and Anthony would send Artest to the bench. 

This news could easily be a piece of strategy by the Nuggets, in hopes of making the Knicks bend a little on their offer(s), which would be a fairly intelligent ploy. 

For the Lakers, hopefully that is exactly what it is. 

Bryant, Anthony, Gasol. Sound like any other team? 

If the trade came to be, the Lakers would undoubtedly have to be the rival team for the Heat in the Western Conference. Too bad they wouldn't end up in the NBA Finals to see who was better (Lakers, by Odom alone). 

I contest, that barring any major injuries, the Spurs and the Celtics would meet in the NBA Finals if the Lakers decided to go the Yankee route (more star power equals a winning formula). 

Why did the Lakers lose the 2007-08 NBA Finals to Boston?

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