Can Robert Sacre Play a Consistent Role on LA Lakers?

After earning a little bit of time as a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers, Robert Sacre has settled into a bench role behind Jordan Hill. Although Sacre could see his minutes as a backup dwindle at the hands of a returning Chris Kaman, the backup center position is his to lose.

Sacre does a lot of things well for a Lakers team that is in desperate need of interior play. Jordan Hill has rightfully earned the starting spot for being a great defensive and offensive rebounder, hustler and post defender. However, Sacre has the tools to these same things for a team that allows 48 points in the paint per game. This is the highest average in the entire league, per

Despite his relative lack of athleticism compared to Hill, Sacre is a good shot-blocker. Averaging one block per game in only 12.2 minutes, Sacre knows how to alter a shot and play good defense. Sacre is decent on his rotations and jumps straight up to disrupt shot attempts more often than not. 

Shooting 52 percent from within eight feet of the basket, Sacre has a nice touch around the rim and is also capable of stepping out and hitting short jumpers. Sacre is averaging 50 percent from 16 feet to eight feet of the rim and is a solid pick-and-roll option. 

Shooting 48.6 percent from the field overall, Sacre's efficiency doesn't necessarily mean he's a great offensive player. The high percentage just means that Sacre is smart with his shot selection and rarely makes a poor attempt.

However, Sacre doesn't have the skill at this point in his career to really create a shot for himself. While Jordan Hill is also raw on the offensive end, his tenacity, strength and athleticism make him a relentless at creating second-chance opportunities and forcing his way to a basket in the key. 

This means that while Sacre is a fundamentally sound defensive and offensive player, his offense won't stand ou...

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