Can LA Lakers Afford to Keep Jordan Hill Next Season?

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to lose Jordan Hill because they will not be able to afford him.

Hill has played well enough to earn himself a role as a sporadic starter. He has done the job on the boards and also given his teammates some relief defensively by occasionally covering up some of their mistakes.

His size and length make him an attractive prospect for most teams, and more importantly, he is actually productive. Big men have always been incredibly attractive commodities in the NBA because they change the landscape of the basket area.

They are the difference between scoring and allowing easy baskets at the rim via second-chance opportunities or simple scores at the rim. Granted, big people all come with their sets of strengths and weaknesses.


Scouting Jordan Hill

Hill is one of the best rebounders in basketball, and that makes him a valuable piece. Indeed, he is in the top 10 in rebounding rate and averages a solid 13.7 rebounds per 36 minutes.

He is limited offensively, but he still contributes on that end by finishing around the basket and making at least two-thirds of his free throws.

In order to get a better feel for his offensive repertoire, we will turn to Bleacher Report’s Dan Favale, who provided a scouting report of the Lakers forward that detailed his strong suits:

According to (subscription required), nearly 73 percent of all of Hill's converted baskets are coming within five feet. Last year, almost 68 percent of his made shots came within the same range. That's a slight uptick, not a dramatic shift in shot selection.

Hill is still shooting fewer than seven times a game, he's still scoring predominantly off second-chance opportunities, and he's still yet to hit his first career three-pointer.

The former Arizona Wildcat is not sophisticated on this side of the ball, but he has a firm grasp of...

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